Huge Range of Music To Fill The Dancefloor

My huge selection of over 20,000 tracks will ensure that everyone has a great night dancing fun. I’ve built up my music collection for over 35 years and every month many more are added. I keep up to date with most new releases so my collection is always fresh and current. Of course, all the older classics and retro hits are in there too so there’s something for everyone and all tastes are catered for. From cheek-to-cheek ballads to glow-stick waving house anthems, everyone is sure to have a fantastic time dancing the night away.

My range includes:

  • Top 40
  • Retro
  • Dance/Techno/House
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Ballads
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Australian Rock
  • Country
  • Hip-Hop
  • R&B
  • Reggae
  • Traditional Greek, Italian, Latin
  • and all popular styles of music from the 50’s to the latest chart hits!

Most of my tracks are in super-high-quality 320bit MP3 format, therefore you get awesome sound quality though my impressive 2000 watt timber speakers and 800 watt sub-woofer that deliver immersive rich sound with deep bass and crisp highs.

Having everything on digital format has so many advantages over vinyl and CD’s. I don’t have to worry about music skipping or jumping due to scratches and jumpy dancefloors, or to worry about lost CD’s and not being able to find any songs in hurry. I’m able to queue up a song in a matter of seconds if required by simply typing in the name of the song or artist and up it pops!

If there is something that you like but do not see it in my collection, please let me know before the event, and I’ll be sure I get it. You’re also welcome to provide me with any special music as well either on CD or as MP3’s ie. ethnic or custom music via your own CD’s or iPhone/iPod.

I can also create automatic playlists that crossfade to provide ideal background music during meals and quiet times, then take over and play manually when then dancing part of the evening begins.

All songs can be requested or left to me to choose. I play all forms of popular dance music to cater for everyone, young and old. I will play songs that suit the mood and style of the party and of course I am happy to take requests on the night by guests and take them into consideration. You won’t hear any weird music you’ve never heard before either. I stick with well-known party music that we grew up with and loved, as well as the latest fresh hits.

Need some ideas on some of the most popular songs to fill the dancefloor? Check out the following charts!


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So don’t delay, complete the Booking Form now and let me be part of your special day!